1) Q: My walls are not white, but all you sell is white. 

A: As of our opening, we are trying to meet the needs of the many, so as of our opening, you can have any color paint, as long as it is white. Your landlord is going to repaint before the next tenant moves in, so if you patched and painted white, even if the wall is not white, you are doing them a favor; the Deposit Defender paint will act as a primer.   

2) Q: How much area does 1/2 pint of paint cover? 1 pint?

A: 1/2 pint of paint will cover 25 sq feet or about 500 nail holes. A pint will cover 50 sq feet or a 5 ft x 10 ft wall. 

3) Q: How do I use your kit?

A: Instructions will come in your kit. Kit specific YouTube videos are coming soon!

4) Q: Are the items in your kit made in the USA?

A: We make every effort to using items that are Made in America, even if it is not the cheapest or easiest to get. 

5) Q: Do I need anything else besides your kit?

A: We recommend that the customer ensure their vacuum is working properly before using the carpet refresher. The vacuum is needed to suck up the dirt. Soap and water is all that is needed otherwise, mainly for clean-up.

6) Q: How soon should I order the kit before the end of my lease?

A: We recommend that you order your kit at least one month before your move out date. Drywall compound and paint need time to dry, and cleaning the house is a process. Move-out week is hectic enough, the kits are here to help, not make things worse.    

7) Q: What do I do with any leftover materials I have?

A: The paint that is sold is latex paint, and therefore NOT considered a hazardous material. If you have a lot of paint leftover, it can be dried using kitty litter or sand or dirt OR just leave the lid off and let it dry. Once it is dry, you can put the can in the garbage with the lid off. If there is only a little bit left (maybe a few ounces) you can pour the paint in the trash, wash the can, and recycle it.  The same goes for the drywall compound. It is not a hazardous material, nothing we sell is, and can be left to dry, poured out, and the can recycled. Of course, you could always keep either, and all of our products, until they are finished.